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We share the passion for creation and the passion for action. Therefore, with the same level of zeal and enthusiasm, we organize special cycling events for you.

Our team can help you experience an amazing adventure with your friends, or create an exclusive tailor made activity with your company.
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As a nature lover, I wanted to create an object which will be my association to wind as a natural phenomenon in any space. Not only that, but also all positive energies that would not exist without the wind, namely those moments associated with skiing, sailing, mountaineering, mountain biking.
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We are developing the line of apparel which will complement our portfolio of fine goods. More information will be available soon. Please, visit again or get in touch with us.



DVOIKA was born from the synergy of two - passion and engineering, experience and innovation, tradition and modern, natural and high-tech.

The personal essences of our beings and the wisdom of our team are built into each and every piece that comes out of our workshop. Thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted, these pieces represent art forms of their own. Together they make a beautiful composition formed of our core values – the honest approach in smart design and the intransigent quality of superb craftsmanship.

In a life as we know, it can be truly challenging to realize the right time and the right place when the stars align and opportunities present for accomplishing one’s dreams. We are grateful for being fortunate enough to form our team under these ideal circumstances.   

DVOIKA represents the group of friends, inspired engineers, designers and other professionals, who make beautiful long-lasting objects. We are influenced by nature and its secrets. One of us is in love with the sea, another one loves the air and the winds, the third is into mountains and hidden off-roads, the fourth is an adventurer, the fifth is a traveler. There are more of us and we are all dreamers, determined to create. We are also the masters of our crafts. We use technology wisely, know the materials well and never lack ideas.